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Sophisticated Music for your Party

Henry & Reinhardt With an extensive playlist of music spanning from the 1920s to today, Henry & Reinhardt can create the perfect musical stylings to match the mood of your event. Whether you want a musical focus for your party, or just background music for conversation, they'll work with you to understand your needs and make your event a success. From soft ballads to swinging jazz, from pop/rock to R&B, Barbara and Mark can appeal to any taste. And for holiday parties, they have a huge repertoire of Christmas and seasonal music. For larger events, they can add bass, drums and/or guitar.

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A Headline Cabaret Act for your Restaurant, Club or Other Venue

Henry & Reinhardt Barbara Henry and Mark Reinhardt are working hard to bring back the art of cabaret. But to keep the audience at their tables and asking for more, a stellar cabaret act needs more than just great singing and playing. Henry & Reinhardt pride themselves on giving a complete show, with plenty of humor, great harmonies, and surprising combinations of songs that keep the pace moving and offer something for everyone. Who else would do medleys that combine Beatles' tunes with old standards, or pair catchy '60s pop songs with Blondie? Who else does a jazz cover of The Flintstones, or condenses 50 years of James Bond music into a delightful 7-minute retrospective? From their bawdy arrangement of Rodgers and Hart to their hilarious spoof "K-tel's Golden Treasury of Lounge Music", Barbara and Mark are always pushing boundaries and always coming up with new surprises. The one constant, whether they are performing show tunes, Fats Waller, or Adele, is their love of great music and the desire to share it with their fans. If you won't be humming a song after the show, you probably won't find it on the Henry & Reinhardt playlist.

Sample Track: "Rockin' Robin"

"I lived in Las Vegas for 20 years, and saw plenty of great lounge acts, but you guys are as good as it gets!"
~ an enthusiastic audience member after one of Barbara and Mark's shows